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Emi’s Enchanted Event’s Inc. was inspired by a beautiful child named Emi, who battled Pulmonary Hypertension.


I was approached by Emi’s aunt, who was helping coordinate a princess ball for her niece.  This princess ball signified a celebration of Emi’s life and would allow everyone the opportunity to close their eyes, and just enjoy their time together with Emi and her family.


When Abby, (Emi’s aunt) told me about her story and what her family has been through, I wanted to do as much as I could to make this night as magical as possible. Alongside Emi’s family, I worked with some incredible local businesses to make the night an unforgettable experience.


Seeing the smile on Emi’s face and the pure joy this night was able to deliver, is something that will live with me forever. It was actually a quote from Emi’s mom Georgeanna though that fully inspired the start of this nonprofit. She said to me, ‘for the first time in a long time, I felt like just her mother, and not a caregiver.’ Those words and that feeling, left me inspired. It was an honor to provide this beautiful soul with a night where she didn’t have to plan or worry and could really just enjoy her time with her beautiful daughter and family.



My goal with Emi’s Enchanted Events Inc. is to deliver that smile and joy I saw on Emi’s face to as many children and families that I can. I will actively search for children who are battling medical illnesses as well as those that are going through difficult life circumstances.


One aspect that I’m really excited about will be our whole-family approach. As we all know, when one family member is going through something, the whole family is going through that journey with them. We will work to provide each individual with a sense of support and happiness.

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